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Investors bolster Jua’s AI physics model for nature

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Using tens of millions of data points to provide precise forecasts, Jua from Freienbach (Canton Schwyz) developed the first end-to-end deep learning model, a “Large Physics Model” for nature, that can predict the weather accurately, precisely, and quickly than traditional solutions. The AI weather forecasting model offers unprecedented speed in predicting weather changes, allowing users, particularly in the energy sector, to develop global, high-frequency and high-accuracy weather models within days.

Jua has grown to 22 people who work at its offices in Zurich, Berlin and Cape Town. This growth and approach to weather prediction impressed several investors, securing fresh funding of $16 million. Among the participants in the round are 468 Capital, Green Generation Fund, Promus Ventures, Kadmos Capital Ltd, session.vc, Notion Capital. An Innosuisse grant complements the equity investment, providing the startup with sufficient funds to accelerate research and development efforts and to continue enhancing the model and make it available to customers in Q1 2024.

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