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KNAPP brings new technology to warehouse logistics. Working with our customers all over the world, we develop customized solutions. Uniting technological know-how with our long established experience in diverse industries is the key for our successful solutions.

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KNAPP and Covariant Partnership Advances AI Robotics for more Efficient Warehouses

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🏢 Organizations: KNAPP, Covariant

KNAPP, technology partner for intelligent value chains, and Covariant, a leading global AI robotics company, strengthen their partnership to further develop AI-powered robot solutions and expand their market presence. So far, KNAPP and Covariant have successfully implemented multiple projects together, with KNAPP’s picking robot – the Pick-it-Easy Robot – at the forefront of their endeavors. The robot’s ability to handle a wide range of items and suitability for various sector applications have proven their value in improving warehouse efficiency across numerous industries.

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Robotic Flexibility: How Today’s Autonomous Systems Can Be Adapted to Support Changing Operational Needs

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✍️ Author: Sara Pearson Specter

🔖 Topics: robotics, AI

🏭 Vertical: Machinery

🏢 Organizations: Obeta, Covariant, KNAPP

While robots are ideally suited to repetitive tasks, until now they lacked the intelligence to identify and handle tens of thousands of constantly changing products in a typical dynamic warehouse operation. That made applying robots to picking applications somewhat limited. Therefore, when German electrical supply wholesaler Obeta sought to install a new automated storage system from MHI member KNAPP in its new Berlin warehouse as a means to address a regional labor shortage made worse by COVID-19, the company specified a robotic picking system powered by onboard artificial intelligence (AI).

“The Covariant Brain is a universal AI that allows robots to see, reason and act in the world around them, completing tasks too complex and varied for traditional programmed robots. Covariant’s software enables Obeta’s Pick-It-Easy Robot to adapt to new tasks on its own through trial and error, so it can handle almost any object,” explained Peter Chen, co-founder and CEO of MHI member

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