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KoBold is the first AI-powered mineral exploration company, innovating at the very upstream of the EV supply chain. We combine the world’s leading mineral explorers who collectively have made dozens of discoveries worth more than $20 billion with an outstanding team of data scientists and software engineers from top Silicon Valley software companies, to bring the most comprehensive and cutting-edge knowledge available to bear on battery mineral exploration.

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KoBold Metals Raises $192.5 Million to Use AI to Find Battery Minerals


Author: Rhiannon Hoyle

Vertical: Mining

Organizations: KoBold Metals, BHP

KoBold aims to change the mind-set of an industry that has long relied heavily on sampling soil and sediment and drilling holes in the ground to determine whether areas contain valuable minerals. While the company still leans on those techniques, it hopes to limit the chances of failure by drawing on machine learning and other scientific computing techniques.

In September [2021], KoBold formed an exploration alliance with BHP, the world’s largest mining company by market value. It is one of a number of partnerships it has with resources companies world-wide.

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Using AI to Find Essential Battery Materials


Author: @mariagallucci

Topics: AI, materials science

Vertical: Mining

Organizations: KoBold Metals, IBM, IEEE

KoBold’s AI-driven approach begins with its data platform, which stores all available forms of information about a particular area, including soil samples, satellite-based hyperspectral imaging, and century-old handwritten drilling reports. The company then applies machine learning methods to make predictions about the location of compositional anomalies—that is, unusually high concentrations of ore bodies in the Earth’s subsurface.

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