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KONUX combines Machine Learning algorithms and IoT to deliver software-as-a-service solutions for operation, monitoring, and maintenance process automation

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The Beauty of Data (Science)

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✍️ Author: Andres Hernandez

🏢 Organizations: KONUX

Our main use case is to monitor rail infrastructure by analyzing acceleration measurements made when a train passes over the IIoT device. I like to describe it as similar to an ultrasound in a medical setting, but instead of looking in space, we look in the frequency domain.

Now, that primary use case is complicated because we measure not only the infrastructure, but rather a complex interaction between the train, the temperature, the rails itself and the rocks under the rails. In order to understand what we are measuring, the “response” of the system, it is crucial to be as specific as we can about the “input”: What type of train it was, its speed, the number of axles, and even the weight of each axle. Determining these factors using machine learning and other techniques is something I myself have invested a lot of time into.

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