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Using the Toolchanger to Automate Production

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✍️ Author: Julia Hider

🔖 Topics: Machine Tool, Computer Numerical Control

🏢 Organizations: Lang Technovation

The benefits of automation are potentially huge, but the investment required for a robot arm or pallet changer can be intimidating or even prohibitive. “Our customers wanted to get more usage out of their precision vises and felt they wanted to get into automation, but every time you start talking with those ballpark numbers jumping into $250,000 or $300,000 to do setups and vises, it scares so many off,” says Jon Dobosenski, general manager of Lang Technovation. This inspired Lang’s Haubex system, which it designed to be a low-cost, simple way for shops to take a first step in automation by using a feature that’s already included on many milling machines — the toolchanger.

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