Laser Photonics

Canvas Category Machinery : Special Purpose : Laser


Primary Location Orlando, Florida, United States

Financial Status NASDAQ: LASE

Laser Photonics has been recognized as the industry’s #1 brand of industrial-grade laser marking, laser engraving, laser cleaning, and laser cutting machines located in Orlando, Florida. Offering the largest family and product line of standard and specialized laser-based systems, including both Galvo driven and flying optics technologies, Laser Photonics’ commitment to excellence is demonstrated with each new customer experience as our team is part of the process towards optimizing the final system specifications based on the unique requirements of each client application. Our R&D team stands ready to modify standard systems or design specialized systems as new industry challenges arise adapting to changes in manufacturing with continuous system improvements as new, viable technologies emerge. From OEM laser marking kits for automated production lines to standalone or portable laser marking, laser engraving, laser cleaning, and laser cutting systems, our maintenance-free machines are designed for use in high-vibration, heat, shock, and dust conditions in aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, nuclear, and manufacturing industries.