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How 3D printing is playing a key role in the production of solid-state batteries at Sakuu

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✍️ Author: Oliver Johnson

🏒 Organizations: Sakuu, NGK Spark Plugs, LICAP Technologies

The method that Sakuu uses for the 3D printing of its batteries involves a 3D printing platform named Kavian, developed by the company. The Kavian platform integrates multiple processes and materials to print fully functioning batteries at scale.

Speaking about the capabilities of the system, Niestroj said: β€œThe Kavian platform can print fully functioning batteries at scale. The Kavian platform can print ceramic, glass, metals, and polymer – in the same layer. The platform uses binder jetting for larger areas, and distinct material jetting for finer details. Conventional additive manufacturing processes perform each 3D printing step in series, whereas Kavian performs all steps in parallel, enabling a streamlined model that saves energy, cost, labour, materials, and time, while also increasing quality and reliability.”

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