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πŸ‘· How smart manufacturing can alter safety standards

πŸ“… Date:

✍️ Author: Helen Sydney Adams

πŸ”– Topics: Worker Safety

🏒 Organizations: Limble CMMS, Rolls-Royce

An essential component of smart manufacturing is the ability to automate hazardous activities. The evolution of automation in manufacturing has been a game-changer, and it’s why workplace injuries have steadily decreased over the years.

An example of this is at Rolls-Royce, where the adoption of cutting-edge Industry 4.0 technologies is helping to enhance safety and ensure a safer working environment for employees. With the use of 3D visualisation software, employees can have a better understanding of their workplace, including potential hazards. Meanwhile, machine learning technology is assisting in monitoring personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance, and the deployment of robotic arms is taking over tasks that were once considered dangerous, such as furnace operations, thus reducing the need for manual labour.

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