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Litmus for Smart Manufacturing is the only Industrial IoT Edge platform that provides the critical data connectivity needed to monitor, visualize, analyze and optimize production lines at scale. Litmus connects to all data sources on the factory floor - PLC, SCADA, MES, Historian and Sensors - to provide a complete data picture to the people who need it to increase visibility, uptime, performance and quality.

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Empower Your Industrial Data Strategy: Integrate Litmus Edge with AVEVA PI

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🔖 Topics: Data Architecture

🏢 Organizations: Litmus, AVEVA

Litmus Edge provides several integration solutions to unlock your data from the AVEVA PI System, moving past the limitations of the Asset Framework SDK and PI Web API to enhance accessibility:

  • DH Historian Agent: This Windows-based agent harnesses the Asset Framework SDK to collect data from the PI historian and securely transmit it to Litmus Edge for further processing.
  • Northbound Integration: Using the PI Web API and OMF (Open Messaging Format), this integration enables Litmus Edge to send processed data back to the PI server, simplifying connectivity with proprietary OEM machines.
  • Cloud Integration: OSIsoft’s acquisition by Aveva and the introduction of the AVEVA™ Data Hub allow Litmus Edge to send data directly to cloud-based services, enabling remote data management and analysis.

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Embracing the Unified Namespace Architecture with Litmus Edge

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✍️ Author: Dave McMorran

🔖 Topics: Unified Namespace, Data Architecture, IT OT Convergence

🏢 Organizations: Litmus

What exactly is a Unified Namespace (UNS)? The UNS offers a structured approach to organizing and connecting data across all layers of a business. It is particularly noteworthy because of its values-driven nature, which is a powerful influence behind its growing popularity.

Several companies, including Starbucks (food and beverages), Richemont (luxury goods) and Stada (life sciences) are already using the UNS architecture to improve their operations. So, if you’re here because you’re considering the UNS for your business too, you’re in good company. We wrote this article to help on your path.

Often mistaken for being a technology, the UNS embodies the principles of an Event-driven Architecture (EDA). In EDA, applications interact by exchanging events without being directly connected to each other. They rely on an intermediary called an event broker, which acts like a modern-day messenger.

The UNS stands out for 4 key reasons -

  1. It serves as the single source of truth (SST) for all data and information in your business.
  2. It structures and continually updates data across the entire business.
  3. It acts as the central hub where all data-connected smart components communicate.
  4. It lays the foundation for a digital future.

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Automate plant maintenance using MDE with ABAP SDK for Google Cloud

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✍️ Authors: Manas Srivastava, Devesh Singh

🔖 Topics: Manufacturing Analytics, Cloud Computing, Data Architecture

🏢 Organizations: Google, SAP, Litmus

Analyzing production data at scale for huge datasets is always a challenge, especially when there’s data from multiple production facilities involved with thousands of assets in production pipelines. To help solve this challenge, our Manufacturing Data Engine is designed to help manufacturers manage end-to-end shop floor business processes.

Manufacturing Data Engine (MDE) is a scalable solution that accelerates, simplifies, and enhances the ingestion, processing, contextualization, storage, and usage of manufacturing data for monitoring, analytical, and machine learning use cases. This suite of components can help manufacturers accelerate their transformation with Google Cloud’s analytics and AI capabilities.

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Nokia expands industrial edge applications to accelerate enterprises’ transition to Industry 4.0

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Nokia, Atos, Crosser, Litmus, Palo Alto Networks

Nokia launched four third-party applications for MX Industrial Edge (MXIE), which help enterprises connect, collect and analyze data from operational technology (OT) assets on a robust and secure on-premises edge. Asset-heavy industries can accelerate their digital transformation and benefit most from Nokia’s OT edge ecosystem-neutral approach, which taps into innovation from many top digitalization enablers. The new applications also leverage the GPU capability recently announced on Nokia MXIE, a powerful on-premises OT edge solution that helps process data closest to the source in real time while retaining data sovereignty.

Additions to the Nokia Industrial Application Catalog include Atos Computer Vision - Quality Inspector, Crosser, Litmus Edge, and Palo Alto Networks Next-Gen Firewall

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Using AI to increase asset utilization and production uptime for manufacturers

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🔖 Topics: Manufacturing Analytics

🏢 Organizations: Google, Litmus

Google Cloud created purpose-built tools and solutions to organize manufacturing data, make it accessible and useful, and help manufacturers to quickly take significant steps on this journey by reducing the time to value. In this post, we will explore a practical example of how manufacturers can use Google Cloud manufacturing solutions to train, deploy and extract value from ML-enabled capabilities to predict asset utilization and maintenance needs. The first step to a successful machine learning project is to unify necessary data in a common repository. For this, we will use Manufacturing Connect, the factory edge platform co-developed with Litmus, to connect to manufacturing assets and stream the asset telemetries to Pub/Sub.

The following scenario is based on a hypothetical company, Cymbal Materials. This company is a factitious discrete manufacturing company that runs 50+ factories in 10+ countries. 90% of Cymbal Materials manufacturing processes involve milling, which are accomplished using industrial computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines. Although their factories implement routine maintenance checklists, there are unplanned and unknown failures that happen occasionally. However, many of the Cymbal Materials factory workers lack the experience to identify and troubleshoot failures due to labor shortage and high turnover rate in their factories. Hence, Cymbal Materials is working with Google Cloud to build a machine learning model that can identify and analyze failures on top of Manufacturing Connect, Manufacturing Data Engine, and Vertex AI.

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Litmus Raises $30M in Series B Funding Led by Belden

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🔖 Topics: Funding Event

🏢 Organizations: Litmus, Belden

Litmus today announced it has closed $30M in Series B funding to cap a period of exceptional growth in adoption of its Industrial IoT Edge platform. The Series B was led by Belden with participation from other investors whose confidence in Litmus signals the strength of Litmus Edge as the standard data platform for Industry 4.0.

The new round brings the Litmus funding total from $12.6M to $42.6M and will allow the company to scale sales, marketing, customer support and extend service and deployment to enterprise customers through various go-to-market channels. The company will expand its presence in EMEA and APAC while supporting fast-growing OEM relationships to provide customers with the most complete IIoT Edge platform on the market that unifies data collection, data analytics, application enablement and data integration.

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Introducing new Google Cloud manufacturing solutions: smart factories, smarter workers

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🔖 Topics: Cloud Computing, Machine Health

🏢 Organizations: Google, Litmus

The new manufacturing solutions from Google Cloud give manufacturing engineers and plant managers access to unified and contextualized data from across their disparate assets and processes.

Manufacturing Data Engine is the foundational cloud solution to process, contextualize and store factory data. The cloud platform can acquire data from any type of machine, supporting a wide range of data, from telemetry to image data, via a private, secure, and low cost connection between edge and cloud. With built-in data normalization and context-enrichment capabilities, it provides a common data model, with a factory-optimized data lakehouse for storage.

Manufacturing Connect is the factory edge platform co-developed with Litmus that quickly connects with nearly any manufacturing asset via an extensive library of 250-plus machine protocols. It translates machine data into a digestible dataset and sends it to the Manufacturing Data Engine for processing, contextualization and storage. By supporting containerized workloads, it allows manufacturers to run low-latency data visualization, analytics and ML capabilities directly on the edge.

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Litmus Secures $7 Million Series A Financing From Mitsubishi Corporation

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🔖 Topics: funding event

🏢 Organizations: Litmus, Mitsubishi

Litmus, an Industrial Edge Computing platform provider, today announced it has completed a $7 million Series A round of financing led by Mitsubishi Corporation. The investment brings Litmus’s total funding since launching its secure Industrial Edge Computing platform to $12.6 million and will help the company quickly ramp up sales and marketing efforts to meet the demand for companies ready to move to Industry 4.0.

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