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Primary Location: Loughborough, United Kingdom

Loughborough University is home to a wide variety of multidisciplinary research into and utilising Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing, ranging from low-cost 3D Printing to pioneering industrial hybrid Additive Manufacturing addressing applications ranging from bioreactors to buildings.

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Circular economy approach key to tackling carbon dioxide emissions in the chemical industry

AI tool locates and classifies defects in wind turbine blades

📅 Date:

🔖 Topics: AI, defect detection, quality assurance

🏭 Vertical: Electrical Equipment

🏢 Organizations: Railston & Co, Loughborough University

Using image enhancement, augmentation methods and the Mask R-CNN deep learning algorithm, the system analyses images, highlights defect areas and labels them.

After developing the system, the researchers tested it by inputting 223 new images. The proposed tool is said to have achieved around 85 per cent test accuracy for the task of recognising and classifying wind turbine blade defects.

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