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Transition from Preventive to Predictive Maintenance Using Time Series Data with MAJiK Visual Factory and InfluxDB

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✍️ Author: Jessica Wachtel

🏢 Organizations: InfluxData, MAJiK Systems, Microsoft, Node-RED

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub enhance the data transport capabilities of MAJiK’s Visual Factory systems. These Azure services send data from the edge to the cloud through an encrypted connection, ensuring secure data transfer. Once the data reaches the cloud, Azure’s Event Grid, Event Hub, and Service Bus services manage different aspects of data transport. InfluxDB plays a crucial role in observability and training of machine learning models. Given the high volume of data needed for training, this process takes place in the cloud.

As soon as a model training is successful, the Microsoft cloud ecosystem sends the model back down to the edge via a containerized application. There, it works against real-time data in the plant.

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