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Financial Status VC-A; Hitachi, Translink Capital

Makersite is an award-winning data software company that develops next-generation product data management tools for the global manufacturing industry. The platform is the only cloud-based platform combining data aggregation and live applications for agile product life cycle management.Makersite empowers companies to manage product sustainability, cost, and compliance. The state-of-the-art approach to product data management has allowed companies of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of what it has to offer. For larger enterprises, the reduction in complexity and increase in agility is the main aim, while for small businesses, the search for cost effective solutions is the main driving force. Through a cutting-edge technology, big data, and breakthrough algorithms, companies can track a productโ€™s emission footprint throughout the entire supply chain, including Scope 3 emissions, bringing carbon accounting to the next level.Makersite uses artificial intelligence and graph technology to build digital twins of manufactured products. This approach enable teams to measure impacts and collaboratively identify optimal mitigation strategies and new sourcing opportunities in real-time and make better products, faster. Engineers and product teams can develop more compliant, safer, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly products faster, and get results up to 50x faster than traditional methods.

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Sustainable Business Models for Manufacturing

Makersite secures $18M investment

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We are happy to announce the completion of an $18M funding round. The investment is led by Hitachi Ventures, the global venture capital arm of Hitachi, Ltd., and Translink Capital, a Silicon Valley-based VC fund, with participation from KOMPAS, an EU-based venture capital fund, and seed investor Planet A.

When looking at the sustainability space right now, thereโ€™s a great buzz about reporting standards, ESG, Science Based Targets, GHG-Protocol, etc. But in 3-5 yearsโ€™ time, no one will care about any now-implemented corporate reporting. What counts are the changes implemented across an organization. Makersite helps enterprises to take the right decisions today, not tomorrow. The investment will help us to grow our sales and marketing teams in Europe and the U.S along with increasing our delivery capacities. This way, the investment supports both our old and new customers.

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Makersite partners with Autodesk to bring sustainability into product design

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Exciting news for the product design world: In our new partnership with Autodesk, the leader in product design software, Makersite combines environmental impact and cost data with Autodesk Fusion 360โ€™s product design data.

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Sustainability SaaS for manufacturers: A market overview

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Are you a sustainability manager and have been allocated the task of finding a solution for Scope 3 reporting and Life Cycle Analysis? Inevitably you will be on Google and see: There are (too) many options. When searching for the right tool, it can be difficult to get a clear picture of what they are offering and if they fit what you and your company need. To make life easier, we prepared a table of the most prominent players in the manufacturing industry and the most used functions in sustainability tools. If you want to enter deeper into the topic, you can scroll down and drop us a message for an in-detail market overview to be sent to you.

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