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Primary Location Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Financial Status VC-A; LG Technology Ventures, Korean Development Bank, Hyundai Motors, Applied Ventures

MakinaRocks is a South Korean industrial AI company that uses machine learning to detect anomalies in customers’ equipment, increase product quality and improve process control. This aims to help reduce human risk and machine downtime in the advanced manufacturing industry.

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MakinaRocks, unveiling the AI/ML modeling tool “Link”

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Link is an extension for JupyterLab – an interactive development interface for notebooks, code, and data – that lets users easily create readable pipelines for AI and ML modeling. Link maintains the usability of JupyterLab that data scientists rely on while removing technological hurdles related to Kubernetes, a portable, open-source platform for managing workloads and services. By removing the technological hurdles associated with Kubernetes, Link allows users to create pipelines that can be used in MLOps environments with ease, even without a working knowledge of Kubernetes.

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MakinaRocks raises $10M in Series A

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MakinaRocks, an industrial AI solutions startup aiming to revolutionize the world of manufacturing, announced today that it has successfully raised $10 million in Series A funding from prestigious global investors. MakinaRocks expects to use the funds to expand the company’s portfolio and develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built on the existing on-premise solutions to secure domestic and international customers. The company is actively hiring skilled individuals in data analysis, AI development, and business development.

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