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Primary Location: Watertown, Massachusetts, United States

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Markforged was founded in 2013 on the belief that additive manufacturing can transform how entire industries operate. Our platform, The Digital Forge, continues to make that possible. The Digital Forge is the intuitive Additive Manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers—bringing the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing. Composed of software, printers, and materials working seamlessly on a unified platform, it’s purpose-built to integrate into your existing manufacturing ecosystem. Digital Forge adopters reap immediate benefits through massive time and money savings on parts. The Digital Forge platform is designed to eliminate barriers between design and functional part. Through increased adoption, the platform drives competitive advantages by making your entire operation more agile and efficient.

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Called Project DIAMOnD for Distributed, Independent, Agile, Manufacturing On-Demand, it is poised to become the world’s largest emergency-response network for 3D printing physical objects on demand. Locally, over the past two years, the program has helped small manufacturers realize cost savings and flexibility they didn’t know was possible with 3D printing. They’ve printed parts to keep their lines operational and versatile in the face of disruption and uncovered new business opportunities.

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Explained: Why Markforged has moved to acquire Digital Metal & Teton Simulation

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It has been two years since Markforged began to push its Digital Forge platform to the manufacturing public. A cloud-based network that would bring together its software, materials and hardware capabilities, Digital Forge was described by Markforged founder Greg Mark as a platform that would enable manufacturers to fabricate metal and composite parts orders of magnitude cheaper than they’ve traditionally been made – on demand and at the point of need.

First with the takeover of Teton Simulation, and now with the impending acquisition of Digital Metal from Höganäs AB. In isolation, the purchases of a metal 3D printing technology that can give the company access to ‘higher throughput production of metal parts’ and a software technology that is a ‘usable, approachable FEA simulation software for FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printing with the best results’ were no brainer moves. But together, they fill pieces of the jigsaw that conveys Markforged’s overarching ambition.

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