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We are an artificial intelligence and machine learning consultancy that delivers competitive advantage for government and enterprise. Our team of data scientists, research analysts and software engineers can provide technological expertise and solutions for your business, powered by the very latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Introducing Amazon SageMaker Reinforcement Learning Components for open-source Kubeflow pipelines

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✍️ Authors: Alex Chung, Kyle Saltmarsh, Leonard O'Sullivan, Matthew Rose, Nicholas Therkelsen-Terry, Nicholas Thomson, Ragha Prasad, Sahika Genc,

🔖 Topics: AI, machine learning, robotics

🏢 Organizations: AWS, Max Kelsen, Universal Robots, Woodside Energy

Woodside Energy uses AWS RoboMaker with Amazon SageMaker Kubeflow operators to train, tune, and deploy reinforcement learning agents to their robots to perform manipulation tasks that are repetitive or dangerous.

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