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WAVE Equity Partners Commits $30 Million to MayMaan Research, Inc. to Fuel Sustainable Energy Revolution

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MayMaan Research, Inc. (MayMaan) is pleased to announce a commitment by WAVE Equity Partners LLC (WAVE) for a $30 million Series A Preferred investment. WAVE is a leading investor in essential industries, including clean air, water, food, advanced materials, and recycling that make a meaningful environmental impact. This investment recognizes the immense potential of MayMaan’s AquaStroke® technology, which uses a unique water-ethanol based fuel to create cleaner combustion engines and generators, while reducing emissions and costs. This not only cuts carbon emissions but also provides a cleaner energy alternative to traditional fossil fuels. With this funding, MayMaan is poised to accelerate the development and deployment of its state-of-the-art clean energy solutions, thereby paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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