Mech-Mind Robotics

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Primary Location Munich, Germany

Financial Status VC-D; Meituan, IDG Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Source Code Capital

Mech-Mind is an industry-leading company focusing on industrial 3D camera and software suite for intelligent robotics. Leveraging 3D vision and AI technologies, we enable industrial robots to tackle challenging automation tasks. Typical applications include bin picking, depalletizing & palletizing, pick & place, and more. Our full-stack product portfolio includes patented industrial 3D camera Mech-Eye, machine vision software Mech-Vision, deep learning software Mech-DLK, and robot programming software Mech-Viz. Mech-Mind is committed to helping global system integrators to be ahead of the market. We empower them by providing easy-to-use products at a competitive price. With our mature AI+3D products, system integrators can easily deliver demanding robotic systems for their customers. Mech-Mind also offers comprehensive support for training, marketing, and project collaboration. Taking advantage of our products and services, system integrators can develop long-term partnerships with their customers. Backed by Intel and other global top investors, Mech-Mind has become one of the most funded AI + industrial robot companies. Since founded in 2016, Mech-Mind has delivered 10,000+ industrial 3D cameras in 50+ countries and regions. We have created visible business returns for 1,500 + clients worldwide. We partner with customers from various fields, including automotive, logistics, home appliances, food, and beverage, etc.

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