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Mercanis Raises $10M Series Seed Investment in Mission to Boost Further Savings for Procurement Teams

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🏢 Organizations: Mercanis, Signals VC, DI Technology, Speedinvest

Mercanis, a Berlin-based start-up announces the completion of its latest seed funding of $10M. The round was led by institutional funds such as Singals.VC, DI Technology, and Speedinvest. Successful entrepreneurs and well known angels such as Dr. Ulrich Piepel, Dr. Marcell Vollmer, Mirko Novakovic (Instana), Victor Jacobsson (Klarna) also played a significant role. Mercanis sets itself apart from competitors with its easy-to-use sourcing and supplier management tools. These tools leverage networking benefits and automated processes to save more than 40% of the costs.

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