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Mercedes-Benz AG is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of luxury passenger cars. In 2020, it sold around 2.1 million passenger cars and nearly 375,000 vans. In its two business segments, Mercedes-Benz AG is continually expanding its worldwide production network with around 35 production sites on four continents, while gearing itself to meet the requirements of electric mobility. At the same time, the company is constructing and extending its global battery production network on three continents.

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Mercedes-Benz and H2 Green Steel announce agreements in both Europe and North America

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Mercedes-Benz and H2 Green Steel have signed a binding agreement for the delivery of about 50.000 tonnes of green steel to the car maker’s European production annually. In a pioneer move Mercedes-Benz has also signed a memorandum of understanding with H2 Green Steel for the potential supply of green steel produced in North America.

In addition to a sustainable production of green steel, Mercedes-Benz has a strong commitment to circularity and the two companies will create a closed-loop recycling of scrap steel to the Boden plant. The partnership also includes H2 Green Steel being able to leverage Mercedes-Benz extensive knowledge and expertise in supply chain human rights.

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Mercedes-Benz Cars Operations partners with NavVis to boost digital transformation with virtual plants

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Mercedes-Benz Group AG partners with NavVis, a leading provider of reality capture and digital factory solutions, to further advance the process of digitization of the production network and to be able to interact worldwide under the best possible conditions. The aim of the partnership is to make all factories virtually accessible in Plant View.

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Manufactured in the Metaverse: Mercedes-Benz Assembles Next-Gen Factories With NVIDIA Omniverse

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Mercedes-Benz plans to start production of its new dedicated platform for electric vehicles at its plant in Rastatt, Germany. The site currently manufactures the automaker’s A- and B-Class as well as the compact SUV GLA and the all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQA. Experts from NVIDIA and Mercedes-Benz operations are setting up a “digital first” – planning process for the plant that won’t disrupt the current production of compact car models at the site. This blueprint will be rolled out to other parts of the global Mercedes-Benz production network for more agile vehicle manufacturing. By tapping into NVIDIA AI and metaverse technologies, the automaker can create feedback loops to reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and continuously enhance quality.

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Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft collaborate to boost efficiency, resilience and sustainability in car production

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Mercedes-Benz production staff gets access to the MO360 Data Platform via a self-service portal available on any company device including tablets, smartphones and laptops. Its visualization with Microsoft Power BI provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get experience, allowing employees to become data workers with the ability to model and correlate data. The Teams Walkie Talkie app provides workers with an instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication on their business phones — no extra device needed.

With the MO360 Data Platform, teams at Factory 56 have shortened their daily shop floor meeting by 30%. In addition, they identify priority tasks to optimize production workflows within two minutes, which took up to four hours prior to the introduction of the platform. From team leads and process engineers to shop and plant managers, employees are encouraged to contribute new use cases to drive process innovation with Microsoft Power Platform.

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Highly flexible AGV solution in truck cabin production