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MIRAI: Using AI to Detect Variances and Improve Robot Operations

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✍️ Author: David Peterson

🏢 Organizations: MIRAI, voraus robotik

Even small variations (routing, light, part deformation) in robotic operations can pose huge challenges. I discuss with the CTO of Mocropsi Industries, Dominik Boesl, how AI is advancing robot accuracy.

The MIRAI solution is to record short videos, from one dozen to perhaps hundreds, depending on the complexity of the task. These videos range less than 2 minutes in length typically, and they show the operator simply guiding the robot through the required task, including all the required steps. New camera angles are introduced, along with all the variations in light, colors, orientations, and everything. The videos are submitted to a secure server to be processed, and are not combined with larger mass databases, to ensure data security.

The hardware includes lighting, a camera, and a controller that communicates with the robot. The program supports UR, FANUC, and in this most recent announcement, KUKA, with expectations to expand to other brands in a controller-agnostic fashion under a partnership with software developer voraus robotik.

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