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NanoLock Secures Industrial Machines From Disastrous Cyber Attacks

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NanoLock calls itself an “embedded gatekeeper,” meaning that it’s cyber solution is embedded into a device or machine and features a strong locking mechanism that blocks modification attempts unless they are signed by a trusted authorization server.

According to Laubshtein, the company is known for its flexibility to operate in different operating system environments. “To be more clear about that, if our competitors, knows how to operate at the higher level of operating systems like Windows and Linux, we can also operate on lower [level] operating systems like Bare Metal, which is usually very sensitive to memory consumption and energy consumption,” he says. This gives the company a “huge advantage” because it can help them operate on low consumption or even batteries. Meanwhile, the company also offers a lightweight software solution, which makes it easy to operate. One of the biggest advantages of the NanoLock system is its zero trust approach.

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