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Bystronic partners with NanoLock to co-develop cyber security solutions

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Bystronic today announces a partnership with NanoLock Security, a leading device-level cyber security provider, to co-develop state-of-the-art solutions for its sheet and tube metal cutting, bending and automation systems. Over the past years, Bystronic has successfully developed its own Smart Factory Software Suite together with the recently acquired company Kurago. The Smart Factory Software Suite digitizes all business processes and interconnects machines with all other customer processes.

Eran Fine, co-founder and CEO of NanoLock, adds: β€œSmart factories must integrate strong machine-level protection against cyber security risks to ensure the operational integrity of their systems. Our machine-level solution brings Zero Trust protection to industrial systems without having any impact on performance. We are proud to work with Bystronic and jointly develop secure solutions for their smart systems – thereby setting a benchmark for the entire industry.”

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