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Nanotronics invented a platform that combines AI, automation, and sophisticated imaging for industrial inspection. Building on a manufacturing legacy of equal parts ingenuity and scientific inquiry, our mission begins with automated optical inspection instruments, believing that to build the future, first you need to see it. Nanotronics is combining AI, robotics, super resolution, and 3D imaging for tomorrow’s manufacturing and quality control processes.

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Nanotronics CFO explains using AI to produce more chips for AI: ‘We’re able to do everything from R&D to production’

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✍️ Author: Sheryl Estrada

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The company’s focus on Cubefabs, its AI-enabled chip factory. These “highly compact” facilities can be built in most climates and geographies around the world, and are increasingly viable alternatives to traditional megafactories, according to Nanotronics.

Cubefabs produce chips using gallium oxide, a material five times more efficient and versatile than silicon, with lower production and resource requirements, according to Globus.

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OrbiMed Invests in Strategic Partnership With Nanotronics

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Nanotronics, the Industrial AI company, today announced a new strategic partnership with OrbiMed, a leading global life sciences investment firm. As part of the transaction, OrbiMed is investing in Nanotronics’ proprietary technology to advance quality control and precision manufacturing across the healthcare and biotech industries.

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A NY startup aims to build hundreds of chip factories with prefab parts and AI

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✍️ Author: Alex Pasternack

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To meet the world’s growing hunger for chips, a startup wants to upend the costly semiconductor fabrication plant with a nimbler, cheaper idea, one they believe can faster spread the manufacturing of the chips inside nearly everything we use: an AI-enabled chip factory that can be assembled and expanded modularly with prefab pieces, like high-tech Lego bricks.” “We’re democratizing the ownership of semiconductor fabs,” says Matthew Putman, referring to chip fabrication plants. Putman is the founder and CEO of Nanotronics, a New York City-based industrial AI company that deploys advanced optical solutions for detecting defects in manufacturing procedures.

Its new system, called Cubefabs, combines its modular inspection tools and other equipment with AI, allowing the proposed chip factories to monitor themselves and adapt accordingly—part of what Putman calls an “autonomous factory.” The bulk of the facility can be preassembled, flat-packed and put in shipping containers so that the facilities can be built “in 80% of the world,” says Putman.

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