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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Food Tray Production

📅 Date:

🔖 Topics: visual inspection

🏢 Organizations: Neurala, apetito

Neurala, a supplier of AI (artificial intelligence)-based visual inspection technology, began working with apetito to detect cases of the five most reported missing components from meal trays using Neurala’s Vision Inspection Automation (VIA) software. VIA consists of two software programs, Inspector and Brain Builder. Using these programs, apetito was able to build anomaly-detecting systems in 10-20 minutes and immediately begin testing.

With apetito’s earlier weight-based inspection system, the company could only flag an incomplete tray, without understanding what was missing. With VIA’s ability to inspect multiple regions of interest on the trays, apetito can now see specifically which components are missing and identify trends in missing components to avoid their occurence in the future.

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