Canvas Category OEM : Chemical


Primary Location Anan, Tokushima, Japan

The origin of Nichia came from the inspiration of Nichia’s founder, Nobuo Ogawa, to utilize limestones in his hometown of Tokushima, for the production of calcium compound used in pharmaceutical materials. Nichia has strived for monotsukuri with its original technologies, while expanding its product range from calcium compound to phosphors, LEDs, Laser Diodes, cathode materials for Lithium-ion batteries, and magnetic materials. Despite many obstacles and difficulties, Nichia has succeeded in developing several of the world’s best products based on the unfaltering foundational belief, “creating the world’s best products by working earnestly and utilizing the technology, full of wisdom, and expertise of all Nichia employees.” In keeping with this belief, Nichia’s monotsukuri is now concentrated in two main fields: light and energy. Since its successful development of the world’s first high luminous blue LED, Nichia has been an innovator in the field of LEDs. Nichia believes that the potential for the next innovation beyond all imagination must include the understanding of the fundamental nature of light and luminous/optical mechanism, “Light behaves as a particle and as a wave at the same time”. With this belief, Nichia has already started developing and selling new LEDs which pursue the ultimate quality of light. Nichia’s goal is to continue to contribute to society without ever forgetting the spirit that brought the company here: “Ever researching for a brighter world.”