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Nidec Minster Corporation is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry. Minster provides our industry with single source, total solutions including: mechanical power presses; feeds; straighteners; reels; coil cars; die transfer tables; press controls; training programs; production monitoring systems; inspection services; preventative maintenance services; remanufacturing services; technical consulting services; press relocation services and a host of other products and programs designed specifically for the material forming market. Nidec Minster is part of the Nidec Press & Automation group. By combining the expertise, experience and resources of industry leaders in the metal forming market, Nidec Press & Automation has established a single source solution for machinery, services and technology. Nidec Press & Automation combined synergies bring together the Minster, Arisa, Kyori, Vamco, SYS & CHS products, allowing combined synergies to offer efficient, cost-effective and timely solutions to manufacturers looking for increased production and profits. The company began as a blacksmith shop in 1896 and has since grown to be the world’s premier manufacturer of precise, productive and dependable equipment. Today, Nidec Minster presses and material handling equipment are in production in more than 87 countries around the world. A well-deserved reputation for extreme quality and rugged dependability makes Nidec Minster the obvious choice of leading-edge, productive stampers the world over.

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Concept Prove-Outs Prove Their Worth in Robotic Finishing

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During shop visits, Modern Machine Shop editors have gotten used to seeing rows of people huddled over benches with spotlights, scopes and hand tools. In fact, the sight is so common that the odd juxtaposition of tedious manual work and sophisticated, automated CNC machining processes can be easy to overlook.

Different automated material removal applications teach similar lessons about the value of early testing, close collaboration and adventurous thinking.

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