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We are defining the New Collaborative Welding Workplace. Our team is focused on incorporating human skill enhanced by technology to increase profits for fabricators. The welding industry is on the brink of a welder shortage crisis. Due to aging skilled welders and less people taking up the trade there will be a shortage of 314,000 welders by 2024. Our team is passionate about helping guide the industry in the right direction. Our growing team of all-stars at Novarc combined with our proprietary robotic welding software and our pipe welding machine technology is making a big impact today and for years to come.

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AI improves welding performance

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However, fully manual welding simply isn’t an option for higher-turnover jobs: Bidding competitively for new jobs often increasingly means using some level of automation. What level, exactly? That all depends, but what’s certain is that preprogramming weld parameters never covers all the variables at play.

More than mere quality assurance, it is welding’s fundamental unpredictability that Novarc Technologies wants to help fabricators master with the NovEye vision-based, artificial intelligence (AI)-guided control system on its latest Spool Welding Robot (SWR). And while the orbital welding that the SWR does is nothing new, the AI and machine learning Novarc is using to drive the unit is.

“Welding science and engineering … includes many disciplines—from physics, plasma, electronics, electrical engineering, and material science,” Asadi said. “All that comes together in a small arc in the weld tool that you are seeing in the tip of the electrode. There are many sciences going on in that small portion. When you formulate something and you understand the physics behind it and all the governing equations, regardless of how complicated the process is, they are more or less following those governing equations.

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NovEye™ - AI In Arc Welding

North Vancouver-Based Robotics Company Novarc Technologies Raises $2.6 Million Growth Financing From BDC Capital

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BDC Capital has provided $2.6 million in growth capital to North Vancouver-based robotics company Novarc Technologies through its new intellectual property (IP) Backed Financing Fund. Their cutting-edge Spool Welding Robot (SWR) allows pipe fabrication companies serving the oil & gas, building construction, and shipbuilding industries to be more competitive when bidding on projects by dramatically increasing the productivity and quality of their pipe welding operations.

They will use the proceeds of this transaction to increase the company’s technical capabilities, expand their team with strategic hires across sales, marketing, finance and R&D, as well as support their growth plans.

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