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At Okuma, we have a long and storied history of innovation, one where we continuously seek to improve the quality of our machines’ construction, the breadth of our offerings, and the strength of our technology. However, we didn’t become the global leader in CNC machine tools just through the products we offer. Much of our success comes from a steadfast belief in offering an exceptional customer experience, which is reinforced by our mission to passionately pursue a customer for life. Whether you’re a small shop looking to expand with your first Okuma or an established manufacturer about to purchase your 20th, we understand that buying one of our machines represents a significant investment. That’s why each machine is backed by a full Okuma Machine and Control Warranty. It’s also backed by the most capable and extensive distributor network spanning all of the Americas. Sure, every Okuma machine is built to stand the test of time. But with our philosophy, the goal is for our relationship with you, the customer, to last even longer.

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Flexxbotics Announces Robot Compatibility with Okuma Machine Tools

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Flexxbotics, delivering workcell digitalization for robot-driven manufacturing, today announced robot machine tending connectivity compatible with the full range of Okuma CNC machines. With Flexxbotics next generation machining environments using robotics with Okuma equipment achieve higher yields, greater throughput and increased profit per part.

Robot compatibility is enabled by Flexxbotics for all different Okuma machine types including lathes, multi-tasking, machining centers, 5-axis, double columns, grinders and hybrid. Flexxbotics is compatible with the full line of Okuma controllers including OSP-P100/200/300 series and the next-generation OSP-P500 CNC control.

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