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The OnRobot product range features a wide assortment of tools and software for collaborative applications, including electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers, the award-winning Gecko gripping technology, force/torque sensors, a 2.5D vision system, screwdriver, sander kits and tool changers. Supported by the free, Learn OnRobot e-learning platform, OnRobot makes it easy to deploy collaborative automation on tasks such as packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, assembly, and surface finishing regardless of skill level or previous robotics experience. Our solutions help small and mid-sized manufacturers optimize their processes and grow their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output and improved quality. Collaborative automation has levelled the playing field for small and mid-sized manufacturers, and as robots become easier to buy and implement, the tooling has become the vital element in adapting for a wide range of applications. Regardless of the robot brand, OnRobot provides compatibility and versatility beyond compare. It’s everything manufacturers need from one supplier, providing even more value from the automation investment.

Assembly Line

Robots Assemble Tools…for Robots

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✍️ Author: Kristian Hulgard

🔖 Topics: Industrial Robot, Robotic Screwdriving

🏢 Organizations: OnRobot

When assessing the company’s production line, OnRobot engineers recognized that numerous assembly processes involved the repetitive use of screws. One process, in particular, stood out: the mounting of Quick Changers to OnRobot’s various end-of-arm tooling products. The process is common across many OnRobot products. Regardless of the base product, the process requires the same four screws.

At OnRobot’s factory in Denmark, the initial automated screwdriving application focused on mounting the Quick Changer onto the company’s 2FG7, 3FG15 and VGC10 grippers. Soon, however, the application scope expanded to include the mounting of printed circuit board assemblies on the VGC10 gripper. In the near future, the company’s RG2 and RG6 grippers will be integrated into the automated Quick Changer assembly process, too. Additional subassembly tasks on the horizon.

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Cobots Install Cable Ties

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✍️ Author: Ciro A Rodriguez

🔖 Topics: Cobot, Worker Safety

🏢 Organizations: Universal Robots, OnRobot, Cognex

The cobot program for installing the cable ties was designed in Polyscope, Universal’s programming software. The program works for two different harness assembly boards.

Finally, we did an ergonomic analysis of the new cable tie installation process using RULA and JSI. After measuring the angles of various body parts, the values of Groups A and B were calculated according to RULA. The value for Group A was 3, and the value for Group B was 4, resulting in a final score of 4. This score is significantly lower than the original manual operation. Similarly, the JSI for the automated station was 4.5, which is lower than the risk level for the manual operation. Our project clearly shows that cable tie installation task could be automated, improving ergonomics.

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