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Exploding e-commerce has driven enormous strides in fulfillment automation. We deliver superior piece-picking solutions for e-commerce in the goods-to-robot (G2R) function that expands the role robots play on the warehouse floor. This is where the greatest gains in efficiency and accuracy are yet to be achieved. Our best-in-class machine learning vision and control software provides the foundation for all our products.

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OSARO and Zenni Optical Deploy Precise Robotic Bagging System


Author: Eugene Demaitre

Topics: Robot Picking

Organizations: Osaro, Zenni Optical

Your next eyeglass order could be fulfilled faster and more accurately with robots. OSARO Inc. and Zenni Optical Inc. today announced that they have automated the “last meter” of Zenni’s fulfillment center in Novato, Calif. Three OSARO Robotic Bagging Systems will prepare eyewear orders for shipment to U.S. customers.

The companies claimed that the deployment is the first time in the industry that a robot will work with an automated bagging machine to ensure that a customer’s unique eyeglass order is placed into the correct bag for shipment. OSARO said its vision and grasping technology enables robots to accurately and quickly pick items.

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