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Army Selects Anduril and Palantir to Deliver TITAN Deep Sensing Capability for Long Range Fires

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: US Army, Anduril, Palantir

Anduril Industries announced that the company is part of the team selected by the Army to develop and manufacture the Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node (TITAN) ground station system, the Army’s next-generation deep-sensing capability. The industry-defining team, led by Palantir Technologies, is made up of the nation’s leading traditional and non-traditional contractors. Under the partnership, Anduril will spearhead hardware design, development, and scaled manufacturing across 10 TITAN vehicles.

During the previous Competitive Prototyping Phase, Anduril spearheaded the design and manufacturing of a full working prototype vehicle. That prototype underwent rigorous testing during a five-month evaluation period to assess the system’s technical performance and usability across a series of test events replicating relevant operational scenarios. Those soldier touchpoints involved a combination of manned, overhead, and ground based ISR platforms spanning joint service technologies, validating system performance in fusing sensor data from disparate sources at the tactical edge.

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Army Awards Palantir AI/ML Contract in Support of JADC2 Capabilities

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🏢 Organizations: Palantir, US Army

Palantir Technologies Inc. today announced that the Army has awarded a new contract for up to three years to provide additional capabilities in support of the Combatant Commands (COCOMs), Armed Services, Intelligence Community, and Special Forces as they continue to test, utilize, and scale artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. The contract, posted to the Department of Defense contracting website last week, is worth up to $250 million through 2026.

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Athinia™ expands partnerships to include Tokyo Electron for real-time collaborative analytics of semiconductor fab equipment performance

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏭 Vertical: Semiconductor

🏢 Organizations: Athinia, Tokyo Electron, Palantir

Athinia™ announced that its industry-wide many-to-many data ecosystem to accelerate digital transformation and further enable cutting-edge AI is being adopted by more organizations globally. Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL;TYO:8035), a leading capital equipment manufacturer of cutting-edge semiconductor production equipment and technical service will use Athinia™ as a key solution to accelerate its digital and cloud transformation.

By granting access to limitless analytics capabilities, including sophisticated AI and machine learning frameworks, the Athinia™ platform enables the participants in the semiconductor industry to differentiate based on quality, performance, and time to market. Feedback is provided in real time. Powered by Palantir, the platform allows users to structure and analyze data from disparate sources, generate powerful insights, and support operational decisions, all while helping to ensure that sensitive data is processed in accordance with applicable data privacy rules, regulations, and norms.

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🔋🏭 Palantir and Panasonic Energy of North America sign multi-year agreement

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Palantir, Panasonic

Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE PLTR) (“Palantir”) and Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd., a Panasonic Group Company, a global leader in high-quality lithium-ion batteries, today announced a multi-year partnership to deliver an operations “Smart Factory” for the Panasonic Energy of North America (“PENA”) facility in Sparks, Nevada. The company has selected Palantir’s Foundry to help integrate edge sensors across factory lines, introduce automated efficiencies and enable operational users on factory floors to leverage connected operations. The agreement expands Palantir’s signature platform including artificial intelligence and edge capabilities in the manufacturing space.

Driven by Foundry and informed by PENA’s expertise, the “Smart Factory” will be utilized across the entirety of the information technology and operational organization within PENA. Using Foundry, the system will guide operational decision-making in their existing Nevada factory as well as the new facility in De Soto, Kansas starting in 2025. This strategic partnership is intended to provide the battery leader with the ability to quickly generate meaningful cost savings and increase return on investment once implemented.

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Jacobs and Palantir Expand Partnership

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🔖 Topics: Partnership

🏢 Organizations: Jacobs, Palantir

Jacobs (NYSE: J) and Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE: PLTR) (“Palantir”) today announced an expansion of their partnership, focused on leveraging Palantir’s AI capabilities to commercialize new AI solutions spanning critical infrastructure, advanced facilities, supply chain management and more.

Building on Jacobs’ use of domain-specific algorithms with Foundry in its water sector, the company is now incorporating Palantir AIP to unlock unprecedented speed, greater efficiency and more informed decision-making for their clients – with security, control and auditability at the forefront.

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Palantir AIP | Defense and Military

Hyundai Heavy to adopt Palantir's big data platform

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🏢 Organizations: Hyundai Heavy Industries, Palantir

South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Group said on Wednesday that it has signed a contract with Palantir Technologies Inc., a US data analytics company, to introduce the latter’s data-driven operating system Foundry across its shipyards. The big data platform is expected to accelerate the shipbuilder’s digital transformation it has been pushing for under a so-called Future of Shipyard vision. In January and May of this year, Hyundai Samho and Hyundai Heavy conducted pilot projects to apply the Foundry platform to their ship design and manufacturing processes. Going forward, the group will apply the Foundry system to other units such as Hyundai Construction Equipment Co. and Hyundai Electric & Energy Systems Co.

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Jacobs and Palantir Launch Global Strategic Partnership for Data Solutions

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🏢 Organizations: Jacobs, Palantir

Jacobs (NYSE:J) and Palantir Technologies Inc. (“Palantir,” NYSE: PLTR) today announced a global strategic collaboration targeting data and technology solutions for the infrastructure and national security markets.

The near-term focus of the relationship is the water sector – a critical enabling infrastructure – and involves the launch of a joint data analytics offering to support public and private sector clients in solving their most complex water infrastructure problems. The water data analytics solution aggregates and analyzes plant data to manage and optimize water and wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance (O&M), aimed at reducing costs and improving plant performance. The partnership plans to expand and commercialize this innovative solution.

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