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Parsable helps the world’s largest industrial firms get jobs done right — every time – by empowering workers with modern digital tools to improve productivity, quality and safety.

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Frontline Manufacturing Workers: Insights and Research 2021

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✍️ Author: Connie Sung Moyle

🏢 Organizations: Parsable

Convincing younger generations that manufacturing is a future-focused, technologically advanced career choice will become increasingly critical, and providing mobile-based digital tools and on-the-job learning opportunities are now tablestakes to ensure employees stick around. Our research found younger workers are more likely to leave their current employers for one that offers a more modern, digital workplace, including mobile technology: Across countries, 55% of respondents aged 18-24 and nearly half (49%) of those aged 25-34 say access to technology factors into such a decision, versus 25% of those aged 55 and older.

The majority (81%) of frontline manufacturing workers across all countries report using paper to perform and track their day-to-day job execution, even though 80% have no problems using software and other digital tools. When it comes to communicating with other team members, the top methods that workers rely on are verbally in-person (76%) and by phone (43%) – neither of which provide the visibility and traceability that digital channels offer.

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Paperless Manufacturing: The Hidden ROI

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✍️ Author: Anisha Padamshi

🔖 Topics: digital work instructions

🏢 Organizations: Parsable

When you look at the dynamic nature of manufacturing operations and all the stakeholders involved that need to collaborate and share information successfully, the benefits of a paperless environment extend beyond the shop floor. As manufacturers continually look at ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently, the easy answer to that is: going paperless.

You can eliminate a portion of your overhead costs, enhance productivity and help out the environment. Going paperless may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easier to implement than you think.

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Connected Systems Reveal Data Value

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✍️ Author: Josh Santo

🏢 Organizations: Parsable

The multitude of data that technology captures can be invaluable in uncovering new efficiencies or fixing roadblocks. Between 60% and 70% of data within an enterprise, however, goes unused. Most plants have the tools and data at their fingertips, but realizing their value requires some consideration in the area of connected work. Connected-worker technology provides tools that connect people, data, and systems so that organizations can become more adept at decision making, have increased process visibility, and can ensure more agile operations.

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