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VC-C; Tiger Global, Silicon Valley Bank

We create manufacturing robots that autonomously scan, position, and weld your parts without the need for skilled welders or robot programmers.

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Path Robotics Raises $100M

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Path Robotics, producer of the world’s first truly autonomous robotic manufacturing system, today announced it received $100 million in pre-emptive Series C financing led by Tiger Global. Existing investor Addition also participated in the round, along with Silicon Valley Bank.

“Most robots merely repeat what they are told, with no ability to improve themselves. The future of manufacturing hinges on highly capable, flexible robotics. Robots that can truly see and learn,” said Andrew Lonsberry, CEO of Path. Path’s autonomous robots solve the world’s hardest manufacturing challenges, with no programming required. For local manufacturers struggling to find skilled laborers, this is powerful. “Path is laser-focused on partnering with manufacturers to empower them to thrive in the resurgence of this critical industry,” says Lonsberry. Through computer vision and artificial intelligence, Path’s system today can see what is in front of it, understand what it is supposed to do, and with the push of a button, execute a weld.

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