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Phaidra Uses AI to Boost Industrial Profitability and Reduce Emissions

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Phaidra, a pioneer of using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency, stability, and sustainability in the industrial sector, has closed $25M in Series A funding, the company announced today. The funding will allow Phaidra to accelerate deployment of its technology in mission-critical industries, from data centers and refineries to pharmaceutical plants and steel mills.

β€˜At DeepMind, my co-founders and I saw first-hand how deep reinforcement learning was creating breakthroughs in multiple real-world applications. We started Phaidra to bring the benefits of this technology beyond the tech companies to the industrial sector,’ said Jim Gao, CEO of Phaidra. β€˜Robert’s company-building expertise and the Series A raise will go a long way towards achieving our mission of radical resource efficiency.’

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