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Software : Operational Technology : Manufacturing Execution System

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San Francisco, California

VC-Seed; Congruent Ventures, Union Labs, Lemnos Labs, SE Ventures, and Schneider Electric

Pico MES is a computer software company that offers computer software designed for factory and machinery control.

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Pico MES is creating smarter, smaller factories

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Pico MES, a manufacturing execution system (MES) software company focused on small and midsize manufacturers, has raised $6.75 million in seed funding. The funds will enable Pico to improve its tools and expands its sales, marketing and development teams. The company has 22 employees currently and is expected to increase by another 30-50% by the year’s end.

MES systems work by capturing data from manufacturing equipment and the individuals involved in the various steps of making a product. These applications are generally oriented to larger enterprises. But 98.6% of manufacturers in the U.S. have fewer than 500 employees and these companies produce over $3 trillion of goods each year. Pico’s software is priced, configured and optimized to meet the needs of these smaller manufacturers.

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