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Petah Tikva, Israel


Plataine is an award-winning leading provider of Intelligent Automation and Optimization software solutions for advanced manufacturing. Plataine’s solutions provide intelligent, connected Digital Assistants for production floor management and staff, empowering manufacturers to make optimized decisions in real-time, every time.

Assembly Line

Smart Factories and the Current State of Industry 4.0

These Alarming signs show that your Manufacturing ERP or MES is stagnating the business


Author: Amir Ben-Assa

Organizations: Plataine

MES and Manufacturing ERP systems defined the paperless transition of the last two decades. These disruptive technologies were used to collate and aggregate manufacturing data to streamline manufacturing processes. MES solved and still solves crucial challenges such as managing complex data and taking advantage of data analytics.

MES and ERP without AI and extreme automation capabilities means they lack the ability to respond to what really happens on your factory floor and have become one-dimensional legacy solutions in a multi-dimensional context where automating workflows and data-driven insights are essential to cost reduction and profit optimization.

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