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Riven is an open cloud software company that accelerates product introduction and customer acceptance for production additive manufacturing. Riven cuts weeks on product launches by making parts more accurate. Our proprietary 3D reality intelligence makes part defects easier to understand so manufacturers can easily check parts and share data-driven insights. Warp-adapted-models (WAMTM) actually correct defects to meet specs faster. Riven software is used today by innovative manufacturers across a variety of additive manufacturing production methods including MJF, FFF, SLA and metal binder jetting.

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Stratasys acquires quality assurance software firm Riven

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Stratasys has announced the acquisition of quality assurance software company Riven for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition was closed in October 2022 and includes all intellectual property associated with Warp Adaptive Modeling (WAM) and Predive WAM (PWAM), as well as members of the Riven team.

Riven, already a Stratasys connectivity software partner, will now be fully integrated into Stratasys’ GrabCAD Additive Manufacturing Platform. It represents Stratasys fifth acquisition in the last two years, following the takeovers of Origin, RPS, Xaar 3D and Covestro Additive Manufacturing. By integrating Riven’s software into GrabCAD, Stratasys believes it will further enhance the potential for customers to scale their shipments of 3D printed end-use components, while also reducing waste via a reduced number of iterations.

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Riven Ramps Up Accurate Part Production with 3D Reality Intelligence

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Riven is a cloud software company specializing in 3D reality intelligence that accelerates product introduction of high-accuracy, end-use additive manufactured parts. Riven’s software, using 3D reality data and proprietary algorithms, allows engineering and manufacturing teams to cut iterations and time to good parts while improving the customer experience.

Now, Riven has gone further and corrects these deviations by introducing Warp-Adapted-Models (WAM); Riven’s WAM corrects systematic warp, scaling and offset from all causes in minutes from a first printed part. Additive manufactured parts using Riven WAM are up to 10X more accurate than those printed with CAD. WAM is also scalable from singular high-value parts to series production. This improved accuracy helps solve the customer pain and problems from out-of-spec parts and enables exciting new end-use product applications for AM.

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