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Simulate any industrial robot with RoboDK. Generate robot programs for any robot controller directly from your PC. RoboDK is a powerful and cost-effective simulator for industrial robots and robot programming.

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Unleashing the Potential of Large Language Models in Robotics: RoboDK’s Virtual Assistant

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πŸ”– Topics: Generative AI, Large Language Model, Virtual Assistant

🏒 Organizations: RoboDK

The RoboDK Virtual Assistant is the first step towards a comprehensive generalized assistant for RoboDK. At its core is OpenAI’s GPT3.5-turbo-0613 model. The model is provided with additional context about RoboDK in the form of an indexed database containing the RoboDK website, documentation, forum threads, blog posts, and more. The indexing process is done with LlamaIndex, a specialized data framework designed for this purpose. Thanks to this integration, the Virtual Assistant can swiftly provide valuable technical support to over 75% of user queries on the RoboDK forum, reducing the time spent searching through the website and documentation via manual methods. Users can expect to have an answer to their question in 5 seconds or less.

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Sustainable Industry Repair with RoboDK

How Fives Group is Changing Composite Lay-Up with RoboDK

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✍️ Author: Alex Owen-Hill

πŸ”– Topics: Composite lay-up

🏭 Vertical: Aerospace

🏒 Organizations: RoboDK, Fives Group

Composite lay-up (a core step in the process of making a composite part) is traditionally a labor-intensive process. The process requires skilled technicians to create the parts needed using specialized tools and equipment. This is often slow and expensive, which limits the quantity of parts that composite manufacturers can make.

The Composites & Automated Solutions group at Fives has developed a technology that allows their customers to create composite parts using a robotic fiber placement head. This technology provides a lower-cost entry point into the composite lay-up process, making it easier for manufacturers to create the parts they need.

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RoboDK Pro Training - Module 06 - 08 - Part Feeder - Create Mechanism - Robot Simulation - Tutorial

RoboDK releases intuitive palletizing plugin for any robot brand

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🏒 Organizations: RoboDK

Robot software company RoboDK has released a new palletizing plugin for intuitive programming of palletizing applications, compatible with almost any robot brand. It accelerates this normally tedious programming task and improves deployment efficiency.

The conventional options for robot programming make deploying palletizing applications almost dull as palletizing itself. For example, a pallet holding 800 boxes would require a robot program with at least 1600 points in it. Creating this program would be repetitive and time-consuming. Users would need to manually teach each box position to the robot or hard code a script to do it for them.

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