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With all metal additive manufacturing processes, print speed and resolution are tightly coupled. Printing parts quickly comes at the price of resolution. Adding more lasers and energy sources creates diminishing returns. ​James and the founding team created Seurat in 2015 to create a future of unlimited scalability by decoupling the parameters of speed and resolution and unlocking access to potentially the full market of conventional manufacturing. And by doing so, Seurat will enable a future that is better for our people and planet.

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Seurat Technologies Raises $21M to Decarbonize Manufacturing


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Organizations: Seurat Technologies, Xerox

Seurat has already secured seven letters of intent to join its commercialization program from the world’s largest automotive, aerospace, energy, consumer electronics, and industrial companies, and expects to launch its first commercial programs this year. The additional funding will be used towards building Seurat’s production-grade system which is targeted to produce parts at $300/kilogram — comparable to parts produced by machining. By 2025, Seurat anticipates lowering manufacturing cost to $150/kilogram, which is comparable to castings. As Seurat grows, its tech will make the $1 trillion metal manufacturing market fully accessible to additive manufacturing.

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