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Our mission is to find faults in our underground infrastructure - for a safer and more sustainable future. Intelligent, automated, rapid condition assessment - SewerAI is the leading software & services provider for wastewater and stormwater condition assessment, providing Enterprise-scale AI & Cloud solutions more efficiently & cost-effectively than alternatives.

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Robots vs. Fatbergs: High-Tech Approaches to America’s Sewer Problem

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✍️ Author: Christopher Mims

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🏒 Organizations: Sewer Robotics, Sewer AI

The arsenal includes flying drones, crawling robots and remote-controlled swimming machines. They are armed with cameras, sonar, lasers and other sensors, and in some cases with tools to remove obstructions, using water-jet cutters capable of slicing through concrete, tree roots, and the giant agglomerations of grease and personal-hygiene products known as fatbergs. Some can also fix leaking pipes using plastics that cure via ultraviolet light.

The tools also include artificial-intelligence systems for automating the labor-intensive process of cataloging defects in sewer pipes and storm water culverts, and for giving priority to repairs based on need and location.

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