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Shapeways makes world-class 3D printing more accessible to everyone through automation, innovation and digitization. Shapeways’ digital manufacturing solutions have empowered more than one million customers worldwide to produce more than 20 million parts using 10 different technologies and 90 different materials and finishes delivered to 160 countries.

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Making the Call in Mass Production: 3D Printing or Traditional Manufacturing?


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Organizations: Shapeways

When focusing on plastic components and products, there are traditionally few manufacturing methods available, the oldest and most common being injection molding. While injection molding has dominated the manufacturing landscape for decades, newer techniques like 3D printing, have begun to gain traction by offering an alternative, as well as advantages over traditional methods; for example, a company may go straight to injection molding to manufacture plastic products in a high volume of 10,000 parts or more–or they may choose 3D printing for greater flexibility in making designs, multiple iterations, and the ability to make complex geometries not possible before.

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Shapeways is officially a Publicly-Traded, AM Company via Merger with Galileo Acquisition Corp.


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Organizations: Shapeways, XN, Desktop Metal

Following the business combination and related PIPE investment, Shapeways will receive $103 million of gross proceeds, including a $75 million fully-committed common stock PIPE anchored by top-tier investors including Miller Value, XN, and Desktop Metal. The PIPE also includes investments from existing Shapeways investors Lux Capital, Union Square Ventures, INKEF Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Proceeds will be used primarily to accelerate the Company’s additive manufacturing capabilities, accelerate the rollout of its SaaS offering, expand its material and technology offerings to extend market reach and grow customer share of wallet, as well as to provide additional working capital.

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