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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States

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Using machine learning, robotics, and software, SkySpecs optimizes the operations and maintenance of the renewable energy industry to enable better data driven decision making. Their mission is to continue driving change in the renewable energy sector with technology and automation that minimizes unplanned downtime and increases total production, making renewable energy more accessible to the world.

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Using Robotics and AI to Optimize Wind Operations and Maintenance

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Before harnessing AI, most wind turbines required individual assessments to make repairs and general maintenance. Often these inspections would take hours of downtime, costing a fortune for wind farm owners. However, as robotics and AI have become more popular in the renewables sector, owners and operators are now able to have a more granular view of their assets. Coupled with cloud-based tools, faults, defects and other concerns can be detected and monitored before they cripple your fleet.

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SkySpecs’ Horizon CMS Platform Uses AI to Boost Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

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With the launch of SkySpecs’ Horizon CMS platform, wind turbine operators can now unlock the full potential of their fleet data in order to lower O&M cost and focus on optimizing for maximum uptime. The Advanced Condition Monitoring Platform is enhanced with Kaleidoscope AI - a cutting-edge fault detection technology that uses AI for early and robust fault detection of critical drivetrain components like gearboxes, generators and main bearings. The Horizon CMS platform is disrupting the software paradigm that engineers have relied on for over a decade.

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SkySpecs Accelerates Growth with $80 Million Strategic Investment led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management

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🏢 Organizations: SkySpecs, Goldman Sachs

SkySpecs, a Michigan-based provider of renewable energy O&M solutions, announced today that it has closed an $80 million strategic capital raise led by the Sustainable Investing business within Goldman Sachs Asset Management (Goldman Sachs) with additional participation from a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources and other existing SkySpecs investors including, Statkraft Ventures, Equinor Ventures, Evergy Ventures, UL Ventures and Huron River Ventures. SkySpecs provides service and software solutions to make renewable energy the most efficient power source in the world. The new funding will help SkySpecs accelerate the expansion of their software offerings by leveraging their existing foundation of automated high quality data collection and analytics, as well as grow its geographic footprint in order to advance its mission to optimize renewable performance and help displace fossil fuel generation.or manufacturing that Tignis is undertaking is of particular importance to the US market, to re-establish competitiveness and leadership in this industry.”

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