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Soft Robotics is an industry-leading and award-winning technology company that designs and builds automated picking solutions using proprietary soft robotic grippers, 3D machine perception, and mGripAI™ artificial intelligence. The company’s transformational robotic automation solutions enable food processors solve the hardest piece picking problems in the food and beverage industry. We are dedicated to constant innovation and collaboration and are proud to be the face of the rapidly growing food automation industry.

Assembly Line

Tyson invests in AI-enabled robotics firm to boost worker productivity


Author: Samantha Oller

Topics: robotics

Vertical: Food

Organizations: Tyson Foods, Soft Robotics

Automating meat factories has long been a difficult feat because it is costly and carcasses come in varying sizes so it can be hard for robots to cut and work with all types accurately. But as the coronavirus ravaged meat plants, forcing many to temporarily shutter as thousands of workers got sick, more companies accelerated their plans for automation. Meat and poultry companies also are automating certain tasks that can be repetitious or prone to injury, such as moving or loading boxes.

Soft Robotics’ SoftAI technology uses AI and 3D vision to maneuver the company’s mGrip robotic grippers with human-like hand-eye coordination. The technology allows the automation of bulk picking for fragile and irregularly shaped proteins, produce and bakery items, according to the company. Tyson Foods is an existing user of Soft Robotics’ software.

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