Sortera Alloys

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Primary Location Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States

Financial Status VC; Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Assembly Ventures, Novelis

Sortera Alloys brings state-of-the-art artificial intelligence image/data analytics and advanced sensors to the industrial scrap metal recycling and re-use industry. This disruptive technology drives new paradigms by generating new high purity recycling products through advanced industrial scale sortation methods. Creating novel high purity recycled (and up-cycled) metal feedstocks from existing scrap streams enables the domestic supply of metals and alloys ready for use for high quality domestic manufacturing, boosting the strength of the circular economy.

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Sortera Alloys Announces $10M Funding Round to Advance End-of-Life Recycling for Automotive Metals

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🏢 Organizations: Sortera Alloys, Assembly Ventures, Novelis

Sortera Alloys, Inc., an innovative industrial scrap metal sorting and recycling company powered by A.I. imagery, data analytics, and advanced sensors, announced $10M in funding led by Assembly Ventures with additional funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Novelis. Sortera is dedicated to providing a solution for end-of-life circular recycling in the aluminum industry.

Sortera’s A.I.-powered technology allows existing streams of mixed alloy aluminum scrap to be separated back into individual alloys. The upgraded metals can then be recycled back into the highest value applications ranging from automotive cast and flat-rolled products to building, construction, and aerospace materials extrusions. The company’s low-cost, scalable production process enables customers to reduce their CO₂ footprint and achieve sustainability and circular production goals due to the fact that recycled aluminum requires roughly 95% less energy to produce than aluminum produced from virgin raw materials.

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