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Austin, Texas, United States

VC-C; Sternhill Associates, Verizon Ventures

We build AI solutions that unearth the insights living within our customers’ data. We’re constantly innovating to create exponential technologies that allow our clients to optimize operations, predict future events, protect their assets, and accelerate their growth. While others speculate and chase hype, we’re motivated by what’s proven, scalable, and impactful. With deep expertise across critical industries, we’re working together with our clients to help solve problems, big and small, that matter most to them.

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Austin's SparkCognition raises $123 million, tops $1 billion in value


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Organizations: SparkCognition

SparkCognition has developed machine-learning technology to predict when a customer’s systems might fail or be hacked. The technology works by modeling physical and virtual assets and continuously learning from the data. The company has clients in industries including defense, finance, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications and energy. Customers include Boeing, Hitachi High-Technologies and Aker BP.

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How SparkCognition Improved Production Efficiency for a Beverage Manufacturer


Topics: machine health, energy consumption

Vertical: Beverage

Organizations: SparkCognition

We developed seven new deep learning models to detect anomalies in resource consumption, machine status/health, and overall efficiency. (As always with a Total Plant solution, these models were tailored to the specific data, technical context, and business goals and strategies of the client.)

Once developed, the models were deployed into our AI platform for execution and KPI-driven reporting. Another key new function we delivered: predictive analysis, to anticipate problems before they occur, based on patterns detected in current and historical data, and notify the beverage manufacturer in time to take preventative action.

Finally, the results of the AI-powered analysis were delivered via a configurable dashboard that provides at-a-glance insight into the plant’s efficiency, including new KPIs reflecting water usage, water balance, power consumption, heat generation, and waste levels. This information can also now be streamed whenever, wherever, and to whomever the manufacturer requires, now or in the future.

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