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Building the NextGen Factory with Splunk and Bosch Rexroth

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🏢 Organizations: Splunk, Bosch Rexroth

Splunk and Bosch Rexroth have joined forces to help manufacturers elevate their resilience and take advantage of new market trends and agile operating models leveraging OT + IT + AI/ML.

Bosch Rexroth has developed an Intelligent Factory Floor which is above all smart and flexible. Roof, walls and floor are fixed, everything else can be adapted to new orders, production methods or business models. As such, it is easy to reconfigure machinery and to scale up or scale down production lines according to requirements. The multi-color LED visualization in the floor can flexibly adjust walkways, and define safety zones and logistics areas. The Intelligent Floor collects data such as weight and distance via built-in sensors.

These rich data sources are ingested into Splunk’s data analytics platform leveraging AI capabilities. As a result, possible business outcomes not only include an optimized, agile production performance but also an elevated security posture including IT / OT cybersecurity. Predictive Analytics such as Predictive Maintenance and Predictive Quality based on the Splunk Machine Learning Toolkit can be implemented. Factory managers can finally bring cost-efficient lot size one production to life.

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A Data-Driven Approach to Sustainability in Industry 4.0 Using MQTT

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✍️ Author: Peter Jüntgen

🏢 Organizations: HiveMQ, SVA, Splunk

The MQTT protocol is the de-facto standard for IoT messaging. It works following the publish/subscribe (Pub/Sub) pattern. Many manufacturing and industry 4.0 companies use MQTT as it is lightweight, supports bi-directional messaging, can scale to millions of connected devices, works well over unreliable networks, and allows secure communication.

At the Internet of Things World, Berlin event, HiveMQ, SVA, and Splunk demonstrated the complete cycle of a connected car platform. In this small practical demonstration, we showed how combining data movement and communication efforts could accelerate sustainability in the automotive industry and other verticals. The demo exhibited a HiveMQ broker connecting several autonomous racing cars. The data published by these cars were forwarded to Splunk using SVA’s HiveMQ Splunk Extension. Splunk’s Sustainability dashboard visually brought key sustainability metrics like C02 emissions and fuel efficiency to life.

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