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We are an AI-enabled robotics company that is advancing industrial automation. By applying a software-first approach to automation design, we create robotics solutions that adapt to variance and optimize execution. Freeing people to do the creative jobs that they do best.

Assembly Line

Symbio Helps Automakers Rev Up Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Production With Smarter Assembly Line Robots


Organizations: Symbio Robotics, Toyota

Automation from Symbio is designed to solve car manufacturing pain points. “Engineering teams at Toyota are leveraging Symbio’s technology, expertise and best practices of artificial intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce ergonomic hazards,” said Symbio CEO and co-founder Max Reynolds. “Cars are changing. Manufacturing processes are changing. We’re proud to be working with Toyota to help them adapt for a competitive advantage.”

One application Toyota leverages is Symbio’s moving line technology where robotic assembly is done as vehicles are carried down an active production line in the plant. Symbio software is also used to perform tasks, such as wax application, without making stops.

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Ford's Ever-Smarter Robots Are Speeding Up the Assembly Line


Author: Will Knight

Topics: AI, machine learning, robotics

Vertical: Automotive

Organizations: Ford, Symbio Robotics

At a Ford Transmission Plant in Livonia, Michigan, the station where robots help assemble torque converters now includes a system that uses AI to learn from previous attempts how to wiggle the pieces into place most efficiently. Inside a large safety cage, robot arms wheel around grasping circular pieces of metal, each about the diameter of a dinner plate, from a conveyor and slot them together.

The technology allows this part of the assembly line to run 15 percent faster, a significant improvement in automotive manufacturing where thin profit margins depend heavily on manufacturing efficiencies.

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Symbio emerges from stealth with $30 million to automate industrial assembly


Author: @Kyle_L_Wiggers

Topics: funding event

Organizations: Symbio Robotics

Emeryville, California-based industrial robotics startup Symbio Robotics today emerged from stealth with $30 million in funding. The company says the capital will be put toward further developing its technology as it looks to sign new customers. Symbio, which was founded in 2014, claims its software can help by allowing factory-floor robots to “learn” what to accomplish. The company’s middleware lets developers use modern programming languages like Java, Ruby, and Python to create instructions for single or whole fleets of robots. The platform self-optimizes over time, letting robots improve on tasks they’ve been assigned.

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