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DeFi: The Next-Gen Revolution in Supply Chain Financing

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✍️ Author: Zoe Zou

🔖 Topics: blockchain

🏢 Organizations: Tata Consulting Services

For blockchain-based supply chain financing, the principle is to leverage distributed accounting to allow more ecosystem nodes to participate and contribute the data to achieve more point-to-point interaction. Because all data on the blockchain is verified and traceable, it’s becoming an important asset in capital circulation.

Looking to the not-so-distant future, DeFi systems, if enabled with NFT (non-fungible token) based currency, can not only confirm the ownership, but also facilitate tracking. Additionally, the transaction of various NFT assets can be the basis for subdivided financial market markets accelerating the leveling of the competitive landscape.

For example, the consumers of a product can invest in a token backed up by a portfolio of the Consumer Goods company’s invoices and inventory. They can increase their investment further by using a bond token as collateral in DeFi lending protocols to obtain more liquidity. Additionally, the Consumer Goods company’s suppliers will have more efficient ways to obtain funding and optimize cash flow.

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