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Turning Cranes into Smart Devices with AI and IOT Technology

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✍️ Author: Kris Wahl

🔖 Topics: Asset Performance Management

🏭 Vertical: Construction

🏢 Organizations: Turner Construction, Versatile

On many jobsites, our cranes function as control towers – orchestrating and driving a tremendous amount of construction activity. Seeking innovative ways to leverage IoT (internet of things) and AI (artificial intelligence) technologies to optimize crane efficiency, Turner’s Innovation Department engaged with Versatile, a construction technology start-up that captures crane data and turns it into actionable insights that can improve project performance.

Using AI, the device learns and classifies each item picked, captures the weight of the item, and records the cycle time of the lift so the team can understand exactly how the crane is being used. Through an online and mobile dashboard, project teams review data, set custom alerts and notifications, and view weekly reports generated by Versatile.

CraneView™ data improves our construction planning and scheduling, leading to increased productivity and better crane operations. Additionally, it enhances site safety by identifying unsafe behaviors such as riggers overloading or engaging in dangerous loading practices. This allows Turner to observe, communicate, and correct unsafe activity among riggers, signalmen, and operators on the project.

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