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Munich, Germany

VC-B; Coatue, Energize Ventures

Our predictive analytics software increase the lifetime, efficiency ​and sustainability of batteries.​ TWAICE provides the best access and solutions for optimized development and operation of lithium-ion batteries, independent of battery or product manufacturers.​

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Battery Analytics: The Game Changer for Energy Storage


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Battery analytics refers to getting more out of the battery using software – not only during operation, but also when selecting the right battery cell or designing the overall system. For now, the focus will be on the possibilities to optimize the in-field operation of battery storages.

The TWAICE cloud analytics platform provides insights and solutions based on field data. The differentiation factor is the end-to-end approach with analytics at its heart. After processing and mapping the data, the platform analytics layer runs different analytical algorithms, electrical, thermal and aging models as well as machine learning models. This variety of analytical approaches is the key to balance data input quality differences and is also the basis for the wide and expanding range of solutions.

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Battery Analytics Platform TWAICE Announces $30 Million Funding Led by Coatue


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Organizations: TWAICE, Coatue

TWAICE, a battery analytics company that helps customers in mobility and energy grow safely and sustainably by enhancing the transparency and predictability of batteries, today revealed that it has secured $30 million in additional Series B financing led by global investment firm Coatue. The round extension, which includes personal investment from Lip-Bu Tan and participation from existing investors, builds on TWAICE’s $26 million Series B in May 2021 led by Energize Ventures. The funds will be used to further optimize TWAICE’s cloud analytics platform and expand its presence in Europe and North America, including growing its new Chicago-based office.

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